About Us

Atlas Injection was founded with a single focus, help our clients address concrete movement problems. There are many companies today that provided services to correct or help prevent concrete damage caused by unsettled soils. Most of these companies specialize in one type of application or focus on a single area, pre-construction or post construction. At Atlas injection, we provided services that cover the spectrum, soil swell reduction products, increase load barring services, concrete lifting & leveling and structural void filling.

When existing concrete moves, trip hazards and drainage issues can develop and in some cases, structural integrity becomes a real problem. We provided a detailed assessment, free of charge, to help identify the root cause of the movement and provided an economical solution to correct your concrete issues. Our structural concrete lifting and leveling process is noninvasive poly injection solution that not only brings the concrete back to grade, but creates an more stable load barring soil under the existing concrete.

For those in the planning stages of a new concrete pour, such as pools, foundations or parking lots, our soil swell reduction products can help meet your engineer’s requirements to reduce soil swelling to the site spec requirements before construction begins.

Our experience and infrastructure allows us to provided soil movement remedies for large scale infrastructure projects to small trip hazard removal for commercial property owners and managers.

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Additional Services:

Water Barrier injection for existing concrete slabs

Concrete replacement and new concrete projects

Parking Lot Striping and signage

New Pool Flashing

Plumbing Tunnel structural void filling