Concrete Raising and Leveling

Why replace it, when you can simply raise it. Existing concrete can settle for a variety of reasons. In many cases, the settling is simply a byproduct of natural soil settling. The new settled grade of the soil is stable, however, the concrete surfaces such as walkways, parking lots, driveways are now uneven. These settled areas can create trip hazards or survivability issues. Left unrepaired, potential trip and fall liabilities exist, as well as the potential costly removal and replacement with new concrete.

Polyurethane or “Foam” lifting is not a new a process. Widely used in DOT and infrastructure projects around the country for the past 20 years. Over the past decade this process has become more mainstream. Advances in application equipment and the customers looking for a more affordable and less evasive repair solution for settling concrete have allowed the process to move into smaller projects for commercial and residential property owners

Our polyurethane concrete raising, and leveling process is designed to correct these issues with little to no disruption in use and 30-40% less than concrete replacement. With small 5/8’ drill holes, our polyurethane is injected under the slab to compact the soil, fill existing voids and raise the concrete slabs back to grade. Dry time for this material is between 5-7 minutes. This means as our crews have completed the lift, the surface is usable for walking, driving or parking. Less disruption for your residents or commercial clients, eliminating trip and fall liabilities and removing the costly expense of a tear out and replacement with new concrete.

Our concrete lifting and leveling services are commonly used on commercial sidewalks and parking lots, residential driveways and swimming pools.